Alfonso Maciel Morfin

Position in the company: CFO

I have always had the philosophy that travel illustrates, educates, and transcends the person. It does not matter if it is a trip as short as a Magic Town in Mexico or as exotic as visiting Southeast Asia, the simple fact of traveling and learning about other cultures, landscapes, and cuisine is fascinating.

For me, traveling is exciting. From the first thoughts of planning something, where you begin to dream of your destinations, to the eventual realization of your trip. I am convinced that for this to happen seamlessly you need an agency that is passionate about travel, that has a broad experience in destinations and is not just a traditional agency or just the internet. At ALAI Travel, we are committed to making each trip you take with us an unforgettable, personalized experience full of memories, where you will not need to worry about a thing and will be able to just fully enjoy yourself.